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What is UnitedCoin?

  •  UnitedCoin is a blockchain operating system connecting centralized and decentralized technologies to allow members to experience compliant, insured, secured traditional and  cryptocurrency transactions whilst having access to the financial opportunities only available in the cryptocurrency industry.
  •  UnitedCoin rewards users for using platform services by providing UNITS holders with rewards for using the network.
  •  UnitedCoin operates connected services using ACH (Automated Clearing House), Bank Wire, debit card, credit card, Stellar, IPFS, and our private blockchain, UnitedChain.

What problems does UnitedCoin solve?

  •  UnitedCoin solves the problem of buyer/user protection for cryptocurrency transactions by connecting compliant and insured centralized financial services with decentralized financial services whilst introducing programmed reserves for all coins on the platform and revenue distribution from funds in the reserve in high yield savings accounts.
  •  UnitedCoin solves the problems of accessibility and ease of use for cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency transactions by allowing users to create a cryptocurrency wallet and send/receive UNITS using SMS, Google Voice (USA users only) and WhatsApp (coming soon).  
  •  UnitedCoin solves the $5 trillion dollar a year problem of global fraud by providing businesses the security that all transactions with a UnitedCoin user is with a user that is known and verified with verified and secured funds. No matter if they pay with fiat or cryptocurrency. There are no chargebacks.

How is UnitedCoin organized?

  •  UnitedCoin Inc is a Delaware corporation which services accounts for all clients and debit cards for US users, and for all bank accounts internationally.
  •  UnitedCoin OÜ is an Estonian limited company and provides debit card services to European users.

Does UnitedCoin need licenses to provide services?

  •  UnitedCoin operates under the guidelines of regulators and is partnered with licensed institutions to provide compliant services to users worldwide.
  •  UnitedCoin Inc is partnered with PrimeTrust to offer compliant financial services to users including: KYC/AML, FDIC insured bank accounts, insured cryptocurrency custody, insured cryptocurrency transactions, and other financial services.
  •  UnitedCoin OÜ is partnered with Weavr to provide compliant debit card services and transactions.

What is my UnitedCoin account?

  •  Your UnitedCoin account is a FDIC insured account and consists of an income account, a spending account, a reserve account, a savings account, exchange account, and a holdings account.
  •  Your spending, reserve, and savings accounts can process traditional currency deposits and withdrawals.
  •  Your spending account is used for making payments and receive rewards from the cryptocurrencies staking in your holdings account.
  •  Your exchange account holds your cryptocurrencies and funds for trading.
  •  Your holdings account holds your cryptocurrencies for rewards.
  •  Funds are under custody with our financial institution partner PrimeTrust and FDIC insured.
  •  Cryptocurrencies are also under the custody of our financial institution partner and are held in insured cold and hot wallets.
  •  Cryptocurrencies held on public blockchains are held in their respective blockchains.

What is the UnitedCoin Standard for NFT creation?

  •  The UnitedCoin Standard Smart Contract (UCSSC) allows for an NFT to fractionalized, receive payments, and distribute rewards to NFT holders
  •  The UCSSC divides revenues from the sale of NFTs in the exchange amongst 3 accounts within the NFT: 1) the reserve account as rewards for NFT holders 2) the exchange account for trading 3) the spending account for the NFT creator
  •  The UCSSC funds held in the NFT’s reserve and exchange account provide a reserve value and potential future price floor for the NFT as well as royalties for NFT holders.

What are UNITS?

  •  UNITS are cryptocurrency with royalties.
  •  UNITS are the native cryptocurrency for the UnitedCoin blockchain and its services.
  •  There are 18 billion UNITS created all time.
  •  UNITS receive royalties from UnitedCoin transactions and services.
  •  UNITS holders receive royalties when they hold UNITS.
  •  UNITS use the UnitedCoin Standard Smart Contract and are created on the UnitedCoin blockchain.
  •  UNITS are not shares of UnitedCoin Inc or UnitedCoin OÜ.

Who can open an UnitedCoin account?

  •  UnitedCoin accounts can be opened by anyone in the world.
  • Who can open a UnitedCoin mobile wallet?
  •  An UnitedCoin mobile wallet can be opened by anyone with WhatsApp, Google Voice, or SMS in the United States of America.

What rewards do UNITS holders receive?

  •  UNITS royalties are issued to UNITS holders when they perform a UNITS transaction.
  •  UNITS royalties are generated by every transaction, on every application, on UnitedCoin.
  •  UNITS have a reserve value held in the UNITS holdings accounts.
  •  All coins on UnitedCoin lead to UNITS. 5% of all coins, sold on UnitedCoin are held in the UNITS holdings account. UNITS receive the royalties from NFTs on UnitedCoin. These royalties and all other rewards are then distributed to all UNITS holders.
  •  UNITS are available on UnitedCoin.org and Stellar. (Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain coming soon)

What are StableUNITS?

  •  StableUNITS are a reserve coin native to UnitedCoin representing the US Dollar (USD) in the UnitedCoin reserve.
  •  StableUNITS are not a stablecoin and do not change in price.
  •  Some stablecoins found on UnitedCoin are: USDCunits and USDTunits

What is the NFT in my account with my name when I sign up?

  •  This is your Social NFT (nonfungible token). It is the tokenized representation of your UnitedCoin personal spending account.
  •  Only one coin per name is permitted. Identical names are given a number after the name.
  •  Social NFT holders receive a percentage of the funds deposited into the creator’s spending account and staking rewards.
  •  IMPORTANT: once you sell your SocialNFT, 10% of the funds deposited to your spending account will be automatically distributed to your SocialNFT token holders. Please take careful consideration before deciding to sell.

What happens when I press the sell button next to Social NFT?

  •  You sell 10% of your Social NFT coins associated with your tokenized personal spending account.
  •  5% goes to UnitedCoin UNITS holdings account.
  •  5% is placed in the Exchange to allow other users on the platform to purchase.
  •  IMPORTANT: once you sell your SocialNFT, 10% of the funds deposited to your spending account will be automatically distributed to your SocialNFT token holders. Please take careful consideration before deciding to sell.

What are Global UNITS?

  •  Global UNITS are reserve NFTs representing UNITS holdings categorized by location.
  •  Each time an NFT is minted or listed for sale, a portion is distributed to the corresponding Global UNITS.
  •  Global UNITS hold 1% of the NFTs and tokens created in its geographical area.
  •  GlobalUNITS are categorized by zip code/Parcel code, city, state/region, country, and planet.
  •  Global UNITS receive royalties and distribute them to Global UNITS holders.

What is the Exchange?

  •  The Exchange displays the Markets and Orders for all coins on UnitedCoin including UNITS, Social NFTS, Company NFTS, Global UNITS, stablecoins, and cryptocurrencies.

What is the Mint?

  •  The Mint allows you to build a fractional NFT on UnitedCoin for anything you choose. Once created 5% is held in the UNITS holdings account and 5% is sold on the exchange. 90% is deposited to the NFT creators holdings account.
  •  NFT holders receive royalties when any portion of the NFT is sold or if the NFT receives a payment.
  •  NFTs created in the Mint use the UnitedCoin Standard.

What is BlockU?

  •  BlockU is UnitedCoin not for profit education company focused on teaching individuals how to develop and use cryptocurrency software.

How do I create a UnitedCoin Mobile Wallet?

  •  To create a UnitedCoin Mobile Wallet, text UNITS to +1 407 694 5024

How do I find the public key for my UnitedCoin mobile wallet?

  •  To find your UnitedCoin mobile wallet public key, login to your UnitedCoin account at unitedcoin.org and click on balances. Once on this page click deposit next to UNITS_Stellar. Click confirm to display your public key.