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Debit CardYes we coin !

Pay with cryptocurrency. Access to cash.     

Order yours
pay in store or online
Earn Coinback Rewards
Load funds with the Web and Mobile App

How does the card work?Yes we coin !

Your UnitedCoin debit card connects
to our UnitedCoin accounts allowing
you to spend any currency available.

Are there fees for using
the card?Yes we coin !

Yes there are. The ATM provider
may charge a fee for using the ATM
services. There are transaction fees
paid in UNITs for movement of
funds to the card. All fees charged
for card use are reimbursed monthly in UNITs.

Where does the card
work?Yes we coin !

The UnitedCoin debit card works
wherever MasterCard is accepted

Can I take cash out of ATMs?Yes we coin !

Yes you can, as long as the ATM
accepts MasterCard.

How do I add funds to the card?Yes we coin !

Online or in the mobile app you
can add funds to your card using
the currency of your choice.